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Sunset at Surprise Stadium
There are a total of 70 games scheduled to start after 6:00 PM during the 2020 spring training season, with night games being slightly more common in Arizona (36) than they are in Florida (34).

Listed below by league is the 2020 schedule of night games, 29 of which involve teams with split-squads.

2020 Cactus League Night Games

February Day Time Game Location TicketNetwork
28 Friday 6:40 Cubs at Padres Peoria  
28 Friday 7:05 Rockies at Giants (ss) Scottsdale  
March Day Time Game Location TicketNetwork
 2 Monday 7:05 Cubs (ss) at A's Mesa  
 3 Tuesday 6:05 Diamondbacks at Royals Surprise  
 4 Wednesday 6:05 Giants at Dodgers Glendale  
 6 Friday 6:05 Mariners at Dodgers (ss) Glendale  
 6 Friday 6:40 Rangers at Padres Peoria  
 9 Monday 6:05 A's at Rangers Surprise  
 9 Monday 7:05 Mariners at Brewers Maryvale  
11 Wednesday 6:05 Brewers at Dodgers Glendale Tickets
11 Wednesday 6:05 Padres (ss) at Cubs Mesa Tickets
11 Wednesday 6:40 Mariners at Padres (ss) Peoria Tickets
13 Friday 6:05 Rockies (ss) at Reds Goodyear Tickets
13 Friday 6:05 Royals at Rangers (ss) Surprise Tickets
13 Friday 6:10 Giants (ss) at Angels Tempe Tickets
13 Friday 6:40 Dodgers at Mariners Peoria Tickets
13 Friday 7:05 Rangers (ss) at A's Mesa Tickets
13 Friday 7:05 Diamondbacks at Giants (ss) Scottsdale Tickets
14 Saturday 6:05 Giants at Reds Goodyear Tickets
16 Monday 6:40 Giants at Rockies Scottsdale Tickets
17 Tuesday 6:05 Reds at Indians (ss) Goodyear Tickets
17 Tuesday 6:05 Rockies at Cubs Mesa Tickets
17 Tuesday 6:05 Dodgers at Royals Surprise Tickets
17 Tuesday 6:10 Grand Canyon at D-backs (ss) Scottsdale Tickets
18 Wednesday 6:05 Rangers at Indians Goodyear Tickets
18 Wednesday 6:40 Reds at Padres (ss) Peoria Tickets
18 Wednesday 6:40 A's at Rockies Scottsdale Tickets
19 Thursday 6:05 Indians at White Sox Glendale Tickets
19 Thursday 6:40 Brewers (ss) at Mariners Peoria Tickets
19 Thursday 7:05 A's at Giants Scottsdale Tickets
20 Friday 6:05 Brewers at Indians Goodyear Tickets
20 Friday 6:40 D-backs at Mariners (ss) Peoria Tickets
20 Friday 6:40 Mariners (ss) at Rockies Scottsdale Tickets
21 Saturday 6:05 Mariners at Indians Goodyear Tickets
21 Saturday 6:40 Brewers at Rockies (ss) Scottsdale Tickets
23 Monday 6:40 Rockies at Mariners Peoria Tickets

2020 Grapefruit League Night Games

February Day Time Game Location TicketNetwork
21 Friday 6:05 Minnesota at Twins Fort Myers  
22 Saturday 6:05 Nationals at Astros West Palm Beach  
24 Monday 6:35 Pirates at Yankees Tampa  
27 Thursday 6:05 Astros at Nationals West Palm Beach  
27 Thursday 7:05 Mets at Marlins Jupiter  
29 Saturday 6:05 Pirates at Twins Fort Myers  
29 Saturday 6:05 Braves at Rays Port Charlotte  
March Day Time Game Location TicketNetwork
 2 Monday 6:05 Phillies at Braves North Port  
 4 Wednesday 6:35 Phillies (ss) at Yankees Tampa  
 5 Thursday 6:05 Cardinals (ss) at Nationals West Palm Beach  
 6 Friday 6:05 Mets at Astros West Palm Beach  
 6 Friday 6:35 Orioles at Yankees Tampa  
 6 Friday 7:05 Nationals at Marlins Jupiter  
 9 Monday 6:05 Red Sox at Braves North Port  
10 Tuesday 6:05 Braves (ss) at Orioles Sarasota Tickets
11 Wednesday 6:35 Red Sox at Rays Port Charlotte Tickets
12 Thursday 6:05 Orioles at Twins Fort Myers Tickets
13 Friday 6:05 Twins at Pirates Bradenton Tickets
13 Friday 6:35 Tigers (ss) at Yankees Tampa Tickets
14 Saturday 6:05 Orioles (ss) at Braves North Port Tickets
14 Saturday 6:05 Pirates at Orioles (ss) Sarasota Tickets
16 Monday 6:10 Astros (ss) at Mets Port St. Lucie Tickets
18 Wednesday 6:05 Astros at Nationals West Palm Beach Tickets
18 Wednesday 6:35 Pirates at Yankees Tampa Tickets
19 Thursday 6:05 Marlins at Tigers Lakeland Tickets
20 Friday 6:05 Mets at Cardinals Jupiter Tickets
20 Friday 6:05 Red Sox (ss) at Orioles Sarasota Tickets
20 Friday 6:07 Phillies at Blue Jays Dunedin Tickets
21 Saturday 6:05 Orioles (ss) at Red Sox Fort Myers Tickets
21 Saturday 6:05 Pirates at Braves North Port Tickets
21 Saturday 6:05 Twins (ss) at Orioles (ss) Sarasota Tickets
21 Saturday 6:05 Mets (ss) at Nationals West Palm Beach Tickets
21 Saturday 6:10 Astros at Mets (ss) Port St. Lucie Tickets
21 Saturday 7:05 Cardinals at Marlins Jupiter Tickets

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