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February 17

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February 22

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February 18

Position Players:
February 23

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Roger Dean Stadium

Spring Training home of the Cardinals since 1998 and Marlins since 2003

Ballpark address:
4751 Main Street
Jupiter, FL   33458

Opened: 1998
Capacity: 7,000

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Roger Dean Stadium

Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium is about a mile from I-95 and abuts the Jupiter campus of Florida Atlantic University. The stadium is part of a live, work and play community known as Abacoa. You drive past the Abacoa Golf Club to get to the stadium, which is on a tree-lined street across from the Abacoa Town Center.

Take I-95 to Exit 83 (Donald Ross Road) and drive east for a half mile. Turn left onto Parkside Drive. Travel 0.35 miles then take a right on University Boulevard and the stadium will be just a few hundred yards away.

There are a few options for parking here. The "preferred" way, which means closest to the stadium, costs the most and is done in one of two grass fields near the stadium. The bigger of the two is accessed from behind left field while the other is across the street from the stadium's third base side, where it's aside the big four-story parking garage that was long free to park in but is now rented by the stadium on game day for pre-paid and season ticket holder parking. Just two-tenths of a mile away from there, the stadium rents a 520-space portion of the paved parking lot on the Jupiter campus of Florida Atlantic University and that's considered the more reasonably priced "general" parking option. You can also parallel park for free anywhere you see an available space on the streets nearest the stadium, but the 100 or so surface street spots are snatched up the quickest among all options.
 Cost: $10 for preferred (grass fields), $6 for general (at FAU), or Free when spaces are available on Avenue A, Stadium Drive or University Boulevard

Stadium Information
For its first 19 spring trainings, Roger Dean Stadium was the only two-team complex used in the Grapefruit League. The Cardinals have called it home since the $28 million, 110-acre facility opened in 1998, while the Marlins moved in after the Montreal Expos left five years later. Immaculately landscaped on the exterior, the stadium is known for its intimacy inside, where front row fans can sit directly behind and so close to the bullpens that they can touch the players. The stadium is divided into two halves. Everything Cardinals - dugout, bullpen, clubhouse, themed concessions - is on the right half of the stadium; everything Marlins is on the left half. Notable for the dueling clubhouses in the outfield, the four light poles between the ad plastered outfield wall and the two teams' clubhouses are topped with cell phone antennas, which is perhaps the most unique method currently employed at a stadium to generate additional revenue. As for the tried and true way, the stadium got its name after local car dealer Roger Dean purchased its naming rights, initially, for $100,000 a year and a dozen years. Upon their second renewal in 2018, the 15-mile away Chevy dealership opted to update the venue's name from simply Roger Dean Stadium to Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium, which it will be known as through 2027.

Fast Facts

  • Most fans enter the stadium through its main gate (B) behind home plate. Two much lesser used gates are behind the third base (A) and first base (C) grandstand.
  • Fans enter the stadium at street level then walk up a flight of stairs to get to the grandstand. Zig-zag ramps for the handicapped are at the end of both sides of the grandstand.
  • All ticket windows, including Will Call, are located adjacent to the main entrance gate behind home plate.
  • The concourse is located behind the grandstand and is partially covered by the press box. It has been home to the 42-year old Palm Beach County Sports Hall of Fame since 2006. Banners of its yearly inductees hang from the grandstand's support pillars.
  • The bullpens are located in foul territory. The Cardinals' is in front of the tabletop club terrace down the right field line, the Marlins' in front of the bleachers down the left field line.
  • The playing field has an abnormally large amount of foul territory to accommodate the area where pitchers warm up.
  • The stadium has a pair of scoreboards that are on opposite sides of the batter's eye in center field. The one with a video screen is to the left, the traditional line score version is to the right. The video board displays real-time spring training stats for each hitter and pitcher.
  • The Official Team Store behind home plate carries Cardinals and Marlins merchandise. Located next to Gate B, it's the stadium's only souvenir shop although there are temporary stands set up on the concourse that do sell a small selection of stuff (mostly t-shirts and trinkets).

    Practice Fields

  • The Cardinals' and Marlins' minor league complexes and practice fields are behind the outfield. Each team has a half-dozen full-sized fields at their disposal.
  • The practice fields used by the Cardinals are beyond their clubhouse in right-center field. Fans can access them via a narrow paved path that leads to a gate. That entrance point is found down University Boulevard, just past the parking lot that is behind the Cardinals' clubhouse.
  • The practice fields used by the Marlins are beyond their clubhouse in left-center field. The fan entrance for them is adjacent to Field #4 on the portion of Stadium Drive that is a little ways beyond the stadium's grass field parking lot.
  • The gates to the back fields for both teams open at about 9:30 a.m. and generally don't shut until activity ceases, which is about 1:00 p.m. on most days.
  • Fans enjoy much better access in the Marlins' side of the complex, where all practice areas are accessible, than the Cardinals' side, where fans are only allowed to watch at Fields 1 & 6. An example of the access contrast: players and fans often walk through the same area in the Marlins' complex, while the St. Louis side's extra viewing opportunities are from behind the outfield fences of Fields 4 through 6. One thing both sides have in common is that bleachers are set up at all fan accessible fields.

    Types of Seating
    Roger Dean Stadium seating diagram All seats in the main grandstand have chair backs and armrests. There are four sections of bleachers down the left field line. The tiny berm that was down the right field line has been removed as of 2016.

  • Stadium seats: Sections 101-124 and 201-213
  • Bleachers: Sections 301-304
  • Berm: none

    Notes about the seating

  • The Cardinals dugout is on the first base side. To sit on the St. Louis side of the stadium, buy your tickets in sections 101-113 or 201-207.
  • The Marlins dugout is on the third base side. To sit on the Miami side of the stadium, buy your tickets in sections 114-124 or 208-213.
  • A wide aisle divides the stadium's grandstand into two sections. Field Box seats are below the aisle, Loge Box seats above it.
  • All seats in the grandstand have cup holders.
  • The bleachers do not have seat backs.
  • Handicap accessible seating is available at the top of sections 102 and 110-116.
  • The screen behind home plate extends from the midpoints of sections 110-116.
  • There is plenty of standing room on the patio between the third base grandstand and bleachers (behind section 123). Boundary lines for Standing Room Only are painted in yellow on the back of the cross aisle that runs the length of the grandstand. Fans standing within the yellow lines on the aisle do not obstruct the view of the fans sitting in the elevated seats behind them, making an SRO ticket in Jupiter a much better buy than at most ballparks.

    Sections and rows

  • Rows for sections with stadium seats range as follows:
    1 to 11 in section 102; 1 to 14 in sections 103-105; 4 to 14 in sections 106-109; 4 to 11 in section 110; 2 to 11 in sections 111-116; 4 to 14 in sections 117-120; 1 to 14 in sections 121-122; 1 to 12 in sections 201-203; 1 to 8 in sections 204-205; 1 to 11 in sections 206-208; 1 to 12 in sections 209-213
  • Sections 101, 123 and 124 have only one unmarked row that has wheelchair spaces in between stadium seats.
  • Rows for sections with bleacher seats range as follows:
    1 to 16 in sections 301-304


  • Sections 102-122 are sold as Field Box.
  • Sections 201-213 are sold as Loge Box.
  • Sections 301-304 are sold as Bleachers.
  • Children ages 0-2 get in free but must sit on an accompanying ticket holder's lap if seats aren't available. Children 3 & up must have a ticket to enter.

    Seats to avoid
    Camera platforms partially obstruct the views from these Loge Box seats in sections 202 and 212:

  • Seat 18 in row 11
  • Seats 18-20 in row 12

    Additionally, section 102 is far down the right field line and not only are those seats far from home plate, many of them don't face it. The outer portion of the section banks inward, but the inner seats that taper downwards from the top row (11) generally should be avoided. Specifically, refrain from buying seats 1-10 in row 11, seats 1-9 in row 10, seats 1-8 in rows 8-9, seats 1-7 in row 7, seats 1-6 in row 6, seats 1-5 in rows 4-5, seats 1-4 in row 3, seats 1-3 in row 2, and seats 1-2 in row 1.

    Seats under cover and in the shade
    This stadium is the only one to host spring training in Florida that doesn't have a roof. The only seats that have any permanent cover are in rows 10-11 in sections 206-208, which are beneath the overhang that protrudes out from the press box. The press box is behind sections 204-209 and although it's not a very big structure, it does cast shade upon each of those half-dozen sections. To be out of the sun, sit in rows 5 & up in sections 204-205, rows 6 & up in sections 206-207, rows 7 & up in section 208, and rows 8 & up in section 209.

    VIP seating
    Suites with balconies are on the first base side of the press box. The covered right field party deck has great views of the field and can be reserved by groups of 30 or more.

    Game Day
    Gates open 1½ hours (90 minutes) before the game's scheduled starting time. For afternoon games, the Will Call window opens at 11 a.m.

    Food, drink and bag policy

  • Food cannot be brought into the stadium but bottled water can. All other beverages are banned.
  • Bags are allowed up to a maximum size of 16" x 16" x 8".

    Getting autographs
    You can get plenty of autographs before (and sometimes during) the game at each team's bullpen. The right field bullpen in front of the berm has some restrictions, as a berm ticket is required to enter the berm. But that's usually only enforced once the game starts. The bullpen in left field is a free-for-all since there is no barrier set up between the benches pitchers sit on and the fans behind them. Used by the Marlins when they're home, the left field bullpen is the most player accessible spot found inside of any spring training ballpark.

    Unique ballpark fare
    Each side of the stadium had a concession stand named in honor of one of its two tenants, but the St. Louis Grill and Florida Grill served up little more than generic ballpark fare before they had their names changed to generic grilles (M.V.P. and Hot Corner) in 2010. No matter their name, the end of the grandstand grilles have always been known as the place to get the Dean Dog, a jumbo hot dog with peppers and onions. Outside of that, the Hot Corner Grille sells nothing special, but the M.V.P. Grille on the stadium's first base side has many special things based on the hometown cuisines of the two home teams. In 2012, items sold there include a Carribbean Roast Park Sandwich, Gator Bites, St. Louis Bacon Wrapped Dog and Toasted Ravioli w/ Marinara, but it's the infamous Chicago Cubs Hater Dog (with diced onions, tomatoes, neon relish, celery salt, sport peppers & pickle spear) that draws the most attention. Meanwhile, the specialty stands behind home plate change yearly, but the highlight many years running are the shrimp po' boy sandwich and crab cake sliders served at the Island Grill cart. Bud, Bud Light and Bud Select are the featured draft beers, although Land Shark, Michelob AmberBock and Yuengling have been found on tap in the past at select locations. Besides those nationally known offerings, you can also find Monk in the Trunk, an Organic Amber Ale made by Jupiter's very own Inlet Brewing, at the specialty beer stands. Pepsi is found throughout the stadium.

    2022 Cardinals Spring Training Schedule

    (only home games at Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium are listed)
    Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
    20 21 22
    23 24 25
    27 28
    29 30 31 1
    3 4

    * Single game tickets went on sale Saturday, January 8. Links in calendar are to TicketNetwork inventory.
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    2022 Marlins Spring Training Schedule

    (only home games at Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium are listed)
    Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
    20 21
    22 23
    24 25 26
    28 29
    30 31
    1 2
    3 4 5

    * Single game tickets went on sale Saturday, January 8. Links in calendar are to TicketNetwork inventory.
    See the full 2022 Marlins Spring Training schedule

    Ballpark Area Info
    Roger Dean Stadium is a part of the 91,000-square-foot residential and commercial project known as the Abacoa Town Center. The ballpark feels like it is part of a village as it's surrounded by upscale apartments, shops and restaurants. Branches of Florida Atlantic University and the Scripps Research Institute join a golf course as part of the immediate surrounding development. Jupiter is not too far away (14 miles) from the ritzy West Palm Beach and the area in general is one of the more pricey destinations to watch spring time baseball in.

    Travelers' notes

  • The closest Interstate (I-95) is less than two miles away.
  • The entire ballpark area is a safe haven, exactly what you'd expect with a University campus nearby.

    Nearby Hotels

    Hotels close to Roger Dean Stadium

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    Distance Hotel Street Address City/Zip Phone
    3.2 miles Comfort Inn & Suites 6752 W Indiantown Rd Jupiter, FL 33458 561-745-7997
    3.4 Best Western 810 S US Hwy 1 Jupiter, FL 33477 561-575-2936
    3.8 Doubletree Hotel 4431 PGA Blvd Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410 561-622-2260
    4.8 Hampton Inn 13801 US Highway 1 Juno Beach, FL 33408 561-626-9090
    9.1 Super 8 4112 W Blue Heron Blvd Riviera Beach, FL 33404 561-848-1188
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    Restaurants close to Roger Dean Stadium

    Distance Restaurant Street Address City/Zip Phone
    0.1 miles JJ Muggs Stadium Grill 1203 Town Center Dr Jupiter, FL 33458 561-630-9669
    0.1 Jumby Bay Island Grill 1203 Town Center Dr Jupiter, FL 33458 561-630-2030
    0.1 Hokkaido Hibachi & Sushi 1200 Town Center Dr Jupiter, FL 33458 561-799-7999
    0.25 Rooney's Public House 1153 Town Center Dr Jupiter, FL 33458 561-694-6610
    0.3 Costello's Pizzeria 1209 Main St Jupiter, FL 33458 561-776-5448
    0.3 Abacoa Snack Bar 105 Barbados Dr Jupiter, FL 33458 561-622-0323
    1.0 Jimmy John's Sandwiches 3755 Military Trl Jupiter, FL 33458 561-748-7827
    1.0 China Wok 3755 Military Trl Jupiter, FL 33458 561-575-4088
    1.0 Pyrogrill 5440 Military Trl Jupiter, FL 33458 561-630-8990
    1.0 Grande's Bella Cucina 4580 Donald Ross Rd Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418 561-932-0840
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    Nearby attractions

    Airports close to Roger Dean Stadium

    Distance Airport Airport Code
    14.2 miles Palm Beach International PBI
    56.6 Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International FLL
    76.1 Miami International MIA
    88.7 Melbourne International MLB

    Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter
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