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In addition to the info tables for Cactus and Grapefruit league ballparks, on this page you'll find details about these topics:
 Bringing in Water
 Tickets for Children
 Lawn Chairs in Berm

Home Schedules
Each team's home game only schedule at their spring training ballpark is shown in calendar format by clicking the team name links below:

Cactus League Teams
Arizona Diamondbacks
Chicago Cubs
Chicago White Sox
Cincinnati Reds
Cleveland Indians
Colorado Rockies
Kansas City Royals
Los Angeles Angels
Los Angeles Dodgers
Milwaukee Brewers
Oakland A's
San Diego Padres
San Francisco Giants
Seattle Mariners
Texas Rangers

Grapefruit League Teams
Atlanta Braves
Baltimore Orioles
Boston Red Sox
Detroit Tigers
Houston Astros
Miami Marlins
Minnesota Twins
New York Mets
New York Yankees
Philadelphia Phillies
Pittsburgh Pirates
St. Louis Cardinals
Tampa Bay Rays
Toronto Blue Jays
Washington Nationals

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Parking lot, ticket office and main gate in Peoria
There are 23 spring training ballparks and this page lists the cost to park at each, their cheapest ticket sold, the age range for which children get in free (and thus don't need a ticket), and how long before game time the gates open. The info tables for each league conclude with the ballparks' general contact phone number.


Grapefruit League Ballparks

Stadium/Team Parking Cheapest Ticket
Ages in
Gates Open Phone #
Ballpark of the Palm Beaches
Astros and Nationals
$10 $15 or $20
0-2 2 hours 561-500-4487
Charlotte Sports Park
$10 $10 or $15
(Berm and Boardwalk)
0-1 2 hours 941-206-4487
Clover Park
$10 $15 or $25
(The Hill/Berm)
0-2 1 hour, 40 min 772-871-2100
CoolToday Park
$10 $10 or $15
0-2 2 hours 941-413-5000
Ed Smith Stadium
$12 $19 or $25
(Left Field Pavilion)
0-2 2 hours 941-893-6300
Hammond Stadium
$10 $9
under 30"
in height
2 hours 239-768-4210
JetBlue Park
Red Sox
$10 $5
0-2 2 hours 239-226-4700
Joker Marchant Stadium
$10 $10, $13, $15, $18
(Berm or Runway)
0-2 2 hours 863-686-8075
$6 or $10 $18
0-2 2 hours 941-747-3031
Roger Dean Stadium
Cardinals and Marlins
$8 or $10 $15, $20 or $25
0-2 1½ hours 561-775-1818
Spectrum Field
$10 $14, $17 or $21
0-4 2½ hours 727-712-4504
Steinbrenner Field
$10 $25+
(General Admission/LF)
0-3 2 hours 813-875-7753
TD Ballpark
Blue Jays
none on site $15 or $18
(Orange Trail/SRO)
0-2 2½ hours 727-733-9302

Cactus League Ballparks

Stadium/Team Parking Cheapest Ticket
Ages in
Gates Open Phone #
American Family Fields
$5 $8
0-2 1½ hours 623-245-5500
Camelback Ranch
Dodgers and White Sox
Free $10 or $16
0-2 1½ hours 623-302-5000
Goodyear Ballpark
Indians and Reds
$5 $8
0-2 1½ hours 623-882-3120
Hohokam Stadium
$5 $10, $12, $14+
0-1 2 hours 480-907-5489
Peoria Sports Complex
Mariners and Padres
$5 $5 or $8 to $12
0-2 1½ hours 623-773-8700
Salt River Fields
D-backs and Rockies
$5 $13, $18, $19
0-2 1 hour, 40 min 480-270-5000
Scottsdale Stadium
none on site $10 to $50
0-1 2 hours 480-312-2586
Sloan Park
$5 or $10 $14 to $37
0-2 2 hours 480-668-0500
Surprise Stadium
Rangers and Royals
Free $8, $12, $15
0-2 1½ hours
2 on Fri-Sun
Tempe Diablo Stadium
$5 $15 to $30
0-2 1½ hours 480-350-5265

More General Ballpark Information
Stadium rules sign The information below addresses frequently asked questions about policies and procedures at spring training ballparks.

Note: Two other important topics many fans want to know about -- autographs and tickets -- are thoroughly detailed on dedicated pages at this website:
2020 Spring Training Ticket Guide
Tips For Getting Autographs

You can bring in water.
You can take in water, or an empty water bottle/container for it, at all ballparks. Most allow a single sealed (not opened yet) plastic water bottle per fan. For those that don't, an empty plastic water bottle can be brought inside, where it can be filled up at water fountains on the concourse. Refer to the Food, drink and bag policy posted on each ballpark's guide page for their water bottle rule, and that section has details on what's allowed and what's prohibited otherwise.

Children don't need tickets if under a certain age.
That age is listed for each ballpark (Ages in Free) in the Arizona and Florida tables on this page. If a child is within a park's free-to-get-in age range, then a ticket is NOT needed. However, that child will not have an assigned seat and must be able to sit on an adult's lap in the grandstand. If the venue has lawn (berm) seating then the sitting on a lap rule is not necessary for those sitting on the grass.

For children above the complimentary admission cut-off age a regularly priced ticket must be purchased for entrance. There are no age-related discounts for kids for whom a ticket is needed (actually, there is one exception: Goodyear Ballpark has 12 & under pricing -- the discount is 50% -- for three sections).

No lawn chairs allowed.
Most ballparks have berms, as 18 of 23 now have lawn seating, but lawn/beach chairs are banned in all of them. The general rule everywhere is that chairs with legs are not permitted, while blankets, towels and seat cushions are allowed. Although chairs with legs are banned, simple seatback chairs (back support only-style) are allowable. An image of a generally permissible seatback-style chair can be seen here.

As for why foldable chairs aren't allowed, besides safety concerns cited by security personnel a legitimate reason in some places is that fans that set them up and sit in them block the view of people sitting on the grass directly behind them, thus realistically reducing the capacity of the berm as sitting behind those in lawn/beach/collapsible chairs is something other fans want to avoid.

Pets are not allowed.
Even in ballparks that have lawn seating, dogs aren't permitted in them. The sole animal exception: service (guide) dogs. Otherwise, animals of all kind cannot be brought into a spring training park.

* In recent years, a handful of venues have staged a "Bark in the Park" promotion day, in which dogs are allowed to watch a game with their owners in a portion of the park's grass seating area. Such promotions are usually limited to one game per park, and the ballpark must be one that has berm seating in it. As an example, the Peoria Sports Complex (Mariners/Padres) calls their fans-can-bring-their-dog promotion "PawParty Days," and in 2018 they will have four of them (March 1, 6, 15, 23).

Stadium parking sign and gate in Jupiter
On average, parking is much more expensive at Florida's spring training ballparks than in the lots at Arizona's. In their favor, most of the Grapefruit League's venues open their gates to fans earlier than their Cactus League counterparts.

As for the facts, the average official parking cost at a Florida park is $8.50. The Arizona average is just $3.89. Those numbers take into account the cheapest cost to park in an official stadium lot (one stadium in each state has no parking available and thus doesn't factor into their state's average). Meanwhile, 11 of 13 Florida-found ballparks normally open their gates at least 2 hours before game time. In Arizona, just 2 of 10 ballparks do that.

Graham Knight, who compiled and wrote the information found on this page, has parked at and entered spring training ballparks more times than he can count over a span of a couple decades. A longtime veteran of going to Grapefruit League sites (since the late 1980s), he started traveling to Arizona to enjoy spring training out west in 2008. Most years since, he has made visits to both states in February/March. As such, Knight has naturally seen multiple games in every spring training ballpark and has attended the inaugural game at the five most recent to open.