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Sunset at Surprise Stadium
There are a total of 53 games that start after 6:00 PM during the 2016 spring training season, with night games a little more common in Arizona (29) than they are in Florida (24).

Listed below by league is the 2016 schedule of night games, 13 of which involve teams with split-squads.

Late starts note: There are four games with late afternoon starting times that are included in the night schedule. Hence there are two 4:05 games listed in the Cactus League schedule and two 5:05 starts are part of the Grapefruit League slate.

2016 Cactus League Night Games

March Day Time Game Location TicketsNow
 4 Friday 7:10 Royals at Padres Peoria Tickets
 8 Tuesday 7:05 Reds at Giants Scottsdale Tickets
12 Saturday 7:05 Cubs (ss) at Dodgers (ss) Glendale Tickets
12 Saturday 7:05 Mariners (ss) at Reds Goodyear Tickets
12 Saturday 7:40 Dodgers (ss) at Mariners (ss) Peoria Tickets
14 Monday 7:05 Giants at A's Mesa Tickets
16 Wednesday 6:40 Reds at Diamondbacks Scottsdale Tickets
17 Thursday 4:05 Diamondbacks at Cubs Mesa Tickets
17 Thursday 6:05 Brewers at Rangers Surprise Tickets
17 Thursday 7:10 Giants at Padres Peoria Tickets
18 Friday 7:05 Padres at Giants Scottsdale Tickets
19 Saturday 7:05 Cubs at Indians Goodyear Tickets
19 Saturday 7:10 Diamondbacks (ss) at Mariners (ss) Peoria Tickets
21 Monday 6:40 Brewers (ss) at Diamondbacks Scottsdale Tickets
21 Monday 7:10 Reds at Padres Peoria Tickets
22 Tuesday 6:05 Dodgers at Royals Surprise Tickets
22 Tuesday 7:10 Giants (ss) at Diamondbacks Scottsdale Tickets
23 Wednesday 7:10 A's at Mariners Peoria Tickets
24 Thursday 4:05 Cubs at Giants Scottsdale Tickets
24 Thursday 7:05 Dodgers at Indians Goodyear Tickets
24 Thursday 7:05 Rangers (ss) at A's Mesa Tickets
25 Friday 6:05 Padres at Rangers Surprise Tickets
25 Friday 7:05 Giants (ss) at Dodgers Glendale Tickets
26 Saturday 7:05 White Sox (ss) at Dodgers (ss) Glendale Tickets
28 Monday 7:05 Rangers at Dodgers Glendale Tickets
28 Monday 7:05 Brewers at Reds Goodyear Tickets
28 Monday 7:05 Diamondbacks at Giants Scottsdale Tickets
29 Tuesday 6:05 Mariners at Indians (ss) Goodyear Tickets
29 Tuesday 6:05 Giants at Royals Surprise Tickets
April Day Time Game Location TicketsNow
 1 Friday 6:40 Royals at Diamondbacks Phoenix Tickets
 1 Friday 7:10 Rockies at Mariners Peoria Tickets

2016 Grapefruit League Night Games

March Day Time Game Location TicketsNow
 3 Thursday 7:05 Red Sox at Twins Fort Myers Tickets
 5 Saturday 7:05 Rays at Orioles (ss) Sarasota Tickets
10 Thursday 5:05 Astros at Nationals Viera Tickets
12 Saturday 6:05 Nationals at Braves Orlando Tickets
15 Tuesday 6:05 Yankees at Red Sox Fort Myers Tickets
16 Wednesday 6:35 Blue Jays at Yankees Tampa Tickets
16 Wednesday 7:05 Red Sox at Twins Fort Myers Tickets
17 Thursday 7:05 Twins at Orioles (ss) Sarasota Tickets
18 Friday 6:10 Nationals at Mets Port St. Lucie Tickets
18 Friday 6:35 Orioles at Yankees Tampa Tickets
22 Tuesday 6:35 Mets at Yankees Tampa Tickets
23 Wednesday 5:05 Yankees at Nationals Viera Tickets
23 Wednesday 6:05 Phillies at Astros Kissimmee Tickets
24 Thursday 6:05 Phillies at Braves Orlando Tickets
24 Thursday 6:35 Rays at Yankees Tampa Tickets
25 Friday 6:05 Pirates at Red Sox Fort Myers Tickets
25 Friday 6:35 Blue Jays at Phillies Clearwater Tickets
25 Friday 7:05 Nationals at Marlins Jupiter Tickets
26 Saturday 6:05 Rays at Pirates (ss) Bradenton Tickets
26 Saturday 6:05 Marlins at Astros Kissimmee Tickets
27 Sunday 6:05 Orioles at Pirates Bradenton Tickets
28 Monday 6:05 Astros at Braves Orlando Tickets
28 Monday 6:35 Tigers at Yankees Tampa Tickets
29 Tuesday 6:05 Braves at Orioles Sarasota Tickets
30 Wednesday 6:05 Tigers at Orioles Sarasota Tickets
April Day Time Game Location TicketsNow
 1 Friday 7:05 Yankees at Marlins Miami Tickets

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