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Phillies Spring Training
Spectrum Field
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The best places to obtain autographs from Phillies players are shown on this page.

For a more detailed overview, read the Getting autographs section on the Spectrum Field guide page.

In Bright House Field, sections 118-120 are where you want to be to have the best opportunities for getting autographs. The best time to be there is from 10 to 40 minutes before first pitch.
Phillies autographs, sections 118-120

Section 120, shown below, is the best one to be in, as players often start signing there and don't always make their way down to 118.
Phillies autographs, section 120

The best place to be is actually at the bottom of section P1 in the Picnic Terrace, but that's a groups-only area that becomes restricted more than an hour before game time.
Phillies autographs, in the Picnic Terrace

The reason why the left field line is the place to get autographs is seen below: the opening in the green padding is the player entrance to their clubhouse.
Phillies clubhouse entrance

Outside the stadium after the game, patient fans waiting aside the fence that separtes them from the players' parking lot are often rewarded by Phillies players on their way to pick up their keys from the valet stand.
Phillies autographs, outside of Bright House Field

Autograph success seen at the black wrought iron fence that most players walk close to in the parking lot, which is near the 3rd base entrance (West gate) to Bright House Field.
Phillies autographs, player parking lot