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Sloan Park
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The best places to obtain autographs from Cubs players are shown on this page.

For a more detailed overview, read the Getting autographs section on the Sloan Park guide page.

By design, the hotspot to get autographs from Cubs players at Sloan Park is just outside of it, where a path connects the stadium to the team's clubhouse building. So what you see on the left side of the picture below is actually the #1 autograph area on the 140 acres of Mesa's Cubdom complex.
Sloan Park

An "autograph path" is an integral part of the complex. This is that path. On the left, it extends to the clubhouse and conditioning facility, a building that collectively goes by the sponsored name of "Under Armour Performance Center." Shown on the right: the path's path to Sloan Park. This route is the only way that Cubs players can get from either place to the other, either by walking or on a golf cart. Most do choose to walk.
Cubs autographs, path to clubhouse and stadium

The path itself is mostly a dirt one, lined by oleander bushes and a very low-lying rope on the outer side of the bushes. Fans can choose to stand on either side of the path and ask for autographs as players pass by.
Cubs autograph path

But the best place to be is the pavement part of the path. It's right outside the door players use to access the stadium and fans can get the closest to them there, as there's no plant barrier to push back folks a bit.
Cubs autographs, path between stadium and clubhouse

Just to be clear, you want to be here, standing next to the steel barricades on either side of the path near the home plate gate. The closer to the door the better, and the players use the door to enter the stadium in what's referred to as Building 3 (Bldg 3 is listed on the facade above the player path).
Cubs autographs, Building 3 entrance

This is where the autograph getting is good, especially in the 25 to 50 minutes before game time. Pre-game autographs are preferred by most here, as after the game the majority of players signing will be the high numbered and non-roster guys. Before the game, every starter and star gets this close to the fans gathered along the barricades. The key to securing the most autographs is to secure a front row position behind the barricades.
Cubs autographs, outside of Sloan Park near home plate gate

Inside of Sloan Park, there are just not a lot of chances to acquire autographs. Players don't arrive for on-field warm-ups until shortly before game time, so your best chances come in the half-hour or so before the game begins. As for where, section 106 is closest to the Cubs dugout so standing in the front row there, which is shown here, is the ideal place to be, although section 105 will provide some similar opportunities too.
Cubs autographs, section 106

After the game, there are very few autographs signed inside of the stadium. The best spot to get close to the players is the tunnel entrance that's adjacent to the dugout at the bottom of section 109. All Cubs personnel must use it to exit the stadium. As you can see (right photo), it's not really a great signing spot because of the height distance between the stands and ground level.
Cubs autographs, section 109 tunnel

But after the game...and before it...and even during it...lining the steel barricades and dirt path remains the guaranteed means to have close encounters with players wearing Cubs uniforms. And anybody with a ticket can have their hand stamped to exit the ballpark when the starters are removed from the game, as that's when the most popular Cubs players head back to their clubhouse...and during the game is when the fewest people will be trying to get autographs from anybody outside of the ballpark, which those with their hand stamped can re-enter via any gate.
Cubs autographs, near stadium door and dirt path